Tooth and wisdom teeth extraction

Tooth and wisdom teeth extraction

Welcome to Centre Dentaire Fortin Poirier in Laval, your trusted destination for worry-free wisdom teeth extraction. We understand that this surgery can be daunting, but rest assured that our highly qualified team is committed to providing you with a worry-free experience and a smooth recovery..

The Importance of Extraction:

Wisdom teeth extraction in Laval is a common procedure for a variety of reasons, such as :

  • Limited space: When there is insufficient space for wisdom teeth to grow normally, painful and alignment problems can occur.
  • Optimal Hygiene: Poorly placed wisdom teeth can make cleaning difficult, leading to gum problems and infections.
  • Prevention and Treatment: To prevent or treat existing dental problems such as deep caries, infections, and periodontal disease, extraction may be necessary.

Tooth Extraction in Practice :

To ensure that teeth and wisdom teeth can be removed without discomfort, you will be given a local anesthetic. The purpose of this is to numb the site of the procedure. The duration of tooth and wisdom tooth extraction varies from patient to patient, but averages 15 to 30 minutes per tooth.

After care extraction: Soins Essentiels

Your recovery is our priority. Follow these tips to minimize any discomfort and speed your recovery:

  • Therapeutic ice: Gently apply ice to the operated area to reduce swelling and inflammation in the first few hours.
  • Prescribed medications: Strictly adhere to the medications prescribed by our team. They will help you manage pain and control swelling.
  • Oral hygiene: Maintain rigorous hygiene and avoid interfering with the operated area.

Rinse your mouth with warm saline solution to keep the area clean.

Our commitment to your recovery :

If you have any concerns, our team is here to support you. Contact us immediately if any complications arise. Your comfort and health are our priority.

Choose Centre Dentaire Fortin Poirier :

Trust our expertise for a worry-free wisdom teeth extraction. Our commitment to superior care ensures a smooth process from procedure to recovery.
At Centre Dentaire Fortin Poirier in Laval, your smile is our passion. Schedule an appointment today for an optimal and reassuring wisdom teeth extraction experience.

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