What is a dental facet?

A dental veneer is a thin shell that is glued to the visible surface of the tooth to be treated. It allows you to change the shape or colour of one or more stained, worn, fractured or slightly misaligned teeth. The Fortin Poirier dental clinic offers two types of dental veneers: the composite dental veneer and the ceramic dental veneer.

The different types of dental veneers

The composite facet

The composite veneer is manufactured directly on site by a dentist from the Fortin Poirier dental clinic. Only one appointment is necessary to perform this intervention. It is possible to make several facets in one visit. The cost of the composite veneer is lower than that of porcelain, and it can be easily repaired if required.

The ceramic facet

The ceramic veneer is manufactured in a laboratory. The full procedure requires two appointments. A first appointment is necessary for taking the impression and preparing the tooth. A second appointment allows the dentist to cement the veneer on the tooth. The ceramic veneer has many advantages. Among other things, it helps preserve the shiny and translucent appearance of teeth. It does not change colour over time and has a longer lifespan than the composite veneer. It is usually more resistant to stains than the composite veneer.

What does the procedure entail?

Since tooth enamel is removed, this virtually painless procedure requires the use of a local anesthesia.

For a composite veneer, the procedure consists in thinning the tooth, so that it is not disproportionate once the veneer is installed. A composite resin matching the shade of neighbouring teeth is applied to the tooth. The dentist at the Fortin Poirier dental clinic then shapes the resin while respecting the natural shape of the other teeth. Once hardened, the veneer is shaped and polished to give it its final natural appearance.

The porcelain veneer is made in the laboratory from an impression of the tooth. When the veneer is ready, the tooth is prepared for cementation. The veneer is then cemented on the tooth using a special resin.

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