Reinventing Halloween 2020

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Halloween 2020 promises to be a different affair. With closures and restrictions in effect in several of the province’s regions, trick or treating may be off the table for now. We can at best expect this year’s festivities to be restricted. However, with a little bit of creativity Halloween 2020 can still be epic. Read on for fun ways to reinvent your Halloween traditions and make it a night to remember.


For Halloween 2020 go big on the decorations

Why not go big this year with handmade decorations? Pumpkin carving, spooky creatures, spider webs, ghost garlands . . . the sky’s the limit. Get the little ones started now and set the mood for a most festive of nights. Additionally, this is a great way to keep your kids busy. And decorating the house can really get your children in the spirit. So, put on your crafting hats and let the decorating begin!


Throw a monster ball for Halloween 2020

Just because trick or treating may be cancelled, does not mean you can’t have a fun evening. Why not throw a Halloween-themed family dance party? Make room for a dance floor, decorate, set out Halloween treats and play all your favourite scary tunes. You can even choreograph a Thriller-style dance. Or let your kids show off their best dance moves. Whichever way, a dance party is great exercise and gets the whole family laughing.


Host a scary movie night

Nothing says Halloween better than watching a scary movie. Create a spooky atmosphere, grab some popcorn and treats, and cuddle up for some thrills and chills. Just remember to select age-appropriate content so your little ones don’t get too scared.


Go out and see the full moon

Halloween 2020 falls on a Saturday, which means the kiddos can stay up extra late. But there will also be a full moon. Talk about spooky! This only happens about every 18 years. Additionally, it is the second full moon of the month, which is also known as a blue moon. So, set up a little outdoor viewing party, just be on the lookout for werewolves!


Go ghosting

A newish Halloween tradition that is gaining in popularity, ghosting (or boo-ing) is perfect for Halloween 2020. The idea is simple: you put together a treat bag and leave it on a neighbour’s porch under cover of darkness. Just make sure you have an adult with you and do it safely. The treat bag should include a note (or poem) explaining that they have been ghosted. It should also include a ghost cutout (to stick on their door) so other neighbours know they have already been ghosted. It is then up to them to prepare their own bag of treats and ghost someone else. Ghosting can start anytime in October and go on for the entire month.


Deliver Halloween treats to loved ones

Not being able to see loved ones is hard. Why not bake some Halloween-themed treats with your children and then deliver them to friends and family? This is a great way to develop children’s baking skills and put a smile on a loved one’s face.


Host a virtual costume party

With the pandemic, we have all become pros at hosting virtual get-togethers. Why not plan a virtual costume party with friends or family? You can even create a prize for best costume and mix up special Halloween cocktails (for the adults of course).


The current health crisis is hard on everyone. But to stop the spread of the virus, we will all need to make certain sacrifices. And while Halloween 2020 may be different, it can still be a night to remember. Just make sure you and your little ones don’t eat too much candy and take good care of your teeth. To maintain your oral health, schedule a check-up with us today.

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