Porcelain crowns

Porcelain crowns

What are porcelain crowns for teeth?

A dental crown is a fixed prosthesis that partially or completely covers the tooth, used to strengthen a damaged tooth or simply to improve its appearance. This treatment may be necessary when too much tooth surface is damaged, when a tooth deteriorates and loses strength as a result of a root canal, or when a cavity has attacked a large part of a tooth. Several techniques can be used to make crowns, but CEREC technology is undoubtedly the most innovative!

Why choose CEREC technology?

CEREC is a German technology that has proven itself for more than twenty-five years all over the world. The acronym CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic. Unlike the traditional process, this technology uses a product that contains no harmful metals, relying instead on ceramic. The device allows dentists to make dental ceramic crowns, which adhere perfectly to your teeth and thus limit the possibility of fracture. As ceramic mimics the natural look of your teeth and has similar characteristics to enamel, it helps strengthen teeth and restore their original shape.

The good news is that you can benefit from state-of-the-art dental treatments for the same cost as laboratory-made crowns, without having to come back for a second visit.

It is actually no longer necessary for the client to make two appointments and to have a temporary crown while the permanent crown is being manufactured in the laboratory, as was the case previously. Thanks to your Fortin Poirier Dental Clinic dentist and CEREC technology, you will get a comfortable, durable, natural looking crown on the same day! The whole process is fast and reliable.

How does the procedure work?

Installing a dental crown has never been easier and faster. Everything is done in one appointment. When you arrive, your dentist at the Fortin Poirier Dental Clinic will prepare your tooth for the crown. They will then take a digital impression of your tooth, using a 3D camera connected to a computer. You will be able to observe the tooth restoration and fabrication process in a 3D animation. Your dental crown will be ready in a few minutes and your dentist will then be able to install and polish it. Thanks to CEREC, you save time and money, as everything is done in one visit!

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