Dr William St-Pierre

Dr. William St-Pierre

Dr. St-Pierre, a 2019 graduate of the University of Montreal, continued his studies by completing a year of multidisciplinary residency at the Jewish General Hospital to further his dental knowledge and operative skills. He is detail-oriented and ensures that his work is well executed.

Dr. St-Pierre’s approach is gentle and reassuring. His patient-centered attitude is based on a quality and trusting relationship with each patient. He achieves this through his availability, his attentive listening and his desire to offer quality care.

In addition to his passion for dental health, he is a tennis and ski enthusiast. Dr. St-Pierre has played high level tennis for a long time and loves to be at the top of his game. He loves to have his backpack on his back, whether it is for traveling or enjoying the outdoors.

It will be a pleasure for Dr. St-Pierre to meet you. You can count on him to make your visit as pleasant as possible. He will explain the different treatment alternatives available to you.

  • Year of graduation: 2019
  • Specialty: Dental services
  • Arrival at the clinic: 2021
  • Services offered in: French and English