What Is the CEREC Technology?

Reading time: 3 minThe technology uses computer-assisted design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) so dentists can now design and make your new teeth right in-house! Discover the benefits of this technology; you are sure to be impressed!

Halloween 2020 Fortin Poirier

Reinventing Halloween 2020

Reading time: 3 minWith a little bit of creativity Halloween 2020 can still be epic. Discover fun ways to reinvent your Halloween and make it a night to remember.

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Oral Health Tips During Pregnancy

Reading time: 3 minPregnancy and oral health are related and what steps to take to ensure your health and that of your baby.

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Energy Drinks and Your Teeth

Reading time: 3 minEnergy drinks have grown in popularity over the last decades. Here, we look at the ugly truth on energy drinks and their effect on your teeth.


A Word From The Team

Reading time: 2 minFirst of all, we would like to say that we are thinking of you; we hope that your health and that of your loved ones has been spared by this terrible pandemic.