5 Low-Sugar Mocktails to Cool Off this Summer

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The emerging mocktail trend makes cutting back on alcohol so much easier. In fact, excessive alcohol consumption is harmful for your overall health and organs, particularly the liver. Furthermore, it increases blood sugar levels, negatively impacts sleep and mental health, and can lead to weight gain. Not to mention the hangover! Luckily, you can still enjoy terrace season with healthy, delicious booze-free drinks. So, trade in your cocktail for one of these five low-sugar mocktails you can easily mix at home.

#1: The mojito mocktail

The classic mojito is a rum-based cocktail from Havana, Cuba. This delicious drink grew in popularity with the likes of Ernest Hemingway and other famous boozers. Even 007 traded in his classic vodka martini for a refreshing mojito in Die Anoher Day! Make the booze-free variety with a simple syrup, stevia or with a small amount of sugar like in this BBC Good Food recipe. The key is plenty of fresh mint, lime juice and ice. Enjoy!

#2: The sangria mocktail

What we love about sangria is its versatility. Festive, fruity and fun, it is best shared with friends. So, why not invite your pals over for a tapas-style meal and a pitcher of ice-cold sangria! The mocktail version is great for hot evenings and you can make it with whatever fruits are in season. We love this Hibiscus version with no added sugar or alcohol. But ultimately, you can mix and match the flavours you like best.

#3: Sparkling strawberry mocktail

We love strawberries! While they are an excellent source of vitamin C, they are also rich in antioxidants and plant compounds. As such, strawberries are beneficial for your heart health and blood sugar control.

This sparkling strawberry mocktail recipe uses frozen strawberries for an extra refreshing punch. Just remember to use a soda water with no added sugar or artificial flavours. 

#4: Avocado margarita

We threw you a bit of a curve ball with this avocado margarita recipe. While it may sound weird, we recommend giving it a try. The result is a creamy, refreshing take on a classic margarita without all the alcohol and sugar. The mocktail version omits the tequila (obviously!) and relies on honey and fresh orange juice for that sweet taste. Furthermore, avocados are high in fibre, and are packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

#5: Grapefruit mint kombucha mocktail

The perfect mocktail to sip by the pool or entertain friends, this kombucha-based mocktail is full of health benefits. Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been consumed for thousands of years. On top of having the same health benefits as tea, it is rich in probiotics. These are excellent for your gut health. In addition, kombucha is also packed with antioxidants and has proven disease-fighting properties. This mocktail also includes grapefruit for an extra dose of vitamin C and is low in calories and sugar. The best part: it is super refreshing and tastes delicious.

As we face an unprecedented health crisis, staying healthy and strong is more important than ever. Cocktails and other alcoholic beverages are often very high in sugar and should be consumed in moderation. Excessive alcohol and sugar consumption are bad for your overall health and oral health. For healthy teeth and gums, remember to brush and floss daily and schedule regular dental check-ups. Book your appointment at the Fortin Poirier dental clinic today.  

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