Dental assistant

Dental assistant Martine | Clinique Dentaire Fortin Poirier


Dental assistant

Hi, my name is Martine, and I graduated in 1990. I joined Dr Fortin’s team in 1999, and I’m always open to your needs as well as providing you maximum comfort.

Dental assistant Isabelle | Clinique Dentaire Fortin Poirier


Dental assistant

My name is Isabelle and I hold a Dental Assisting diploma from CFP Pierre-Dupuy. I joined Dr Fortin’s team in 2007, and I enjoy meeting and greeting our patients.

Dental assistant Marie-Ève | Clinique Dentaire Fortin Poirier


Dental assistant

I’m Marie-Ève, and I graduated in 2010, before joining the Fortin Poirier dental clinic in January 2013. I’m a real team player. Listening to your needs and seeking your comfort remains my number one priority.

Dental assistant Rania | Clinique Dentaire Fortin Poirier


Dental assistant

Hi, I’m Rania, Dr Luisa Leporé’s assistant since 2007. My main concern is listening to my patient’s needs.

Dental assistant Angelica | Clinique Dentaire Fortin Poirier.


Dental assistant

Hi, my name is Angelica. I graduated from CDI College in 2009 with a diploma in Dental Assistance. I've been part of Dr. Harris Constantatos's team since 2013. I'm honest, cheerful and dedicated to my work. My mission is to make you feel at ease, and your comfort is my priority.


Hygienist France | Clinique Dentaire Fortin Poirier



Hello, my name is France. I have several years of experience as a dental hygienist at Fortin Poirier dental clinic, and I graduated from Collège de Maisonneuve in 1989. Also, I began to work with Dr Fortin at the end of 2000. Gentle and easy-going, I can make your experience here quite relaxed!

Hygienist Lyne | Clinique Dentaire Fortin Poirier



My name is Lyne, and I’m part of Ordre des hygiénistes dentaire du Québec since 1995. After a mission trip with Dentistes Sans Frontières, I joined Dr Fortin’s team in 2010. Hardworking and passionate about dental health, I can’t wait to make you feel welcome at our clinic.

Hygienist Marilou | Clinique Dentaire Fortin Poirier



Marilou is my name, and I graduated from Collège de Maisonneuve in 2000 before joining Dr Poirier’s team in 2002. Also, I’m a member of Ordre des hygiénistes dentaire du Québec, a professional order. A visit to the dentist can be stressful; however, I’m gentle and understanding. Let me take care of your smile!

Hygienist Marie-Claude Cyr | Clinique Dentaire Fortin Poirier



Hi, I’m Céline, and I work here as a hygienist. I graduated from Cégep François Xavier-Garneau in 1989, and joined the Fortin Poirier dental clinic in 2001. Our welcoming team really takes the well-being of our patients to heart. My work experience and my training will help you maximise your dental health. I’m always available and ready to listen to your needs, as I constantly keep your comfort in mind. I hope to meet you soon!

Hygienist Nouria | Clinique Dentaire Fortin Poirier



My name is Nouria, and I graduated from Collège Édouard Montpetit in 2006. I work with Dr Luisa Leporé as a hygienist since 2008.

Hygienist Nelly | Clinique Dentaire Fortin Poirier



Hello, I’m Nelly. I graduated from college in 1999, and joined the Fortin Poirier dental clinic in 2005. I’m now a part of Dr Harris Constantatos and Dr Luisa Leporé’s team. My number one goal is your well-being!

Hygienist Rita | Clinique Dentaire Fortin Poirier



Hello, my name is Rita and I work as a hygienist with Dr Harris Constantatos since 2008. Paying attention to small details is my strength, as well as working closely with children. I enjoy answering my patient’s questions about dental health.

Hygienist Gabrielle | Clinique Dentaire Fortin Poirier



My name is Gabrielle, and I’m part of Dr Zovinar’s team at Fortin Poirier dental clinic since July 2012. Dentistry is a passion for me, and I take my role in dental healthcare very seriously.

Hygienist Valérie | Clinique Dentaire Fortin Poirier



Hi, I’m Valérie, and I graduated from Collège de Maisonneuve in 2010 before beginning to work full time as a dental hygienist. Around fall 2012 I joined Dr Fortin and Dr Poirier’s dynamic clinic. Like all my colleagues, I take your oral and dental health to heart. I’m a good listener, and always proceed to in-depth examinations.

Dental secretary

Dental secretary Lyne | Clinique Dentaire Fortin Poirier


Dental secretary

Hi, my name is Lyne, Dr Fortin’s secretary. I greet our patients at the clinic with great pleasure since 1994.

Dental secretary Roxanne | Clinique Dentaire Fortin Poirier


Dental secretary

Hi, I’m Roxane, and I’m part of the clinic’s personnel since October 2011. In March 2013, I joined Dr Suzanne Poirier’s team. Always in a great mood and happy to welcome you, I can help you sort out all your insurance paperwork to ensure your total satisfaction.

Dental secretary Mylène | Clinique Dentaire Fortin Poirier


Dental secretary

Hi, my name is Mylène and I work at the clinic since 2003. Although, 2004 marks the year where I began to work with Dr Harris Constantatos. I’m always available to assist you at the best of my knowledge, and ready to offer a professional and customer-oriented service. Get ready for a warm welcome, as I’m eager to see you on your next visit!

Dental secretary Elisabeth | Clinique Dentaire Fortin Poirier


Dental secretary

Elisabeth is my name, and I’m Dr Zovinar Der Khatchadourian secretary since 2006. I’m always pleased to answer your questions, and give you the information you need before and after your appointment. Expect a cheerful and welcoming smile on your next visit!

Contact person

Contact person Louise | Clinique Dentaire Fortin Poirier


Contact person

Hi, my name is Louise; I work at Fortin Poirier dental clinic since 2001, and I’m the contact person here. I call patients to remind them about their next appointment, whether it’s hygiene or curative. This allows me to get to know them a bit, even if I don’t meet them. My work also consists of giving information to the whole team. I enjoy working here; the staff and the dentists are friendly, and committed to a high degree of excellence.


Secretary-receptionist Syntia | Clinique Dentaire Fortin Poirier.



Hi, my name is Syntia. I've been working in dentistry since June 2006. I've been a proud member of the Fortin Poirier team since July 2011. I'm here to assist you.

Manager, human resources and marketing

Marie-Claude Cyr | Directrice des ressources humaines chez Fortin Poirier.


Manager, human resources and marketing

My name is Annie, and I’ve been part of the clinic for the last ten years, where I worked different jobs. To this day, I’m the human resources and marketing manager. Being a part of the Fortin Poirier dental clinic is my pride and joy! We are real professionals devoted to our work.